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Sustainable Lip Care

There are so many reasons to switch to sustainability. Your luscious lips are one of them!

While we don’t always think about lips when we live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, it’s important to keep them in mind the next time you’re out shopping for your next lip balm.

More than 86,400 tubes of lip balm are purchased in a 24-hour period. That’s a lot of tubes in one day! Many of them end up in our home trash cans and in our landfills, taking several years to decompose depending on the type of plastic packaging used!

Another factor to consider when shopping for lip care is animal testing. Many large companies still test their cosmetic products on animals, causing needlessly painful and sometimes fatal experiences for Mother Earth’s creatures. There are alternatives to animal testing and many companies are becoming cruelty-free.

We are excited to share that our Bare Lip Balm is both eco-friendly and cruelty-free! An ultra-hydrating non-tinted lip balm that gives lips a naturally plump and shiny look. Made of organic toxic-free oils to protect and moisturize lips. No scent is added, the natural scent of this lip balm is light cacao. This ip balm packaging is made out of a paper tube, 100% compostable - a great sustainable vegan & plastic-free beauty product.

Want a bit of tint on your lips? Try our Lip Conditioner. This natural lip conditioner can also be used as a cheek stain. Its long-lasting pigment derived from all-natural ingredients including beetroot and coconut oil, makes our cheek and lip stain a must-have part of your daily cosmetics routine. Plus it’s hand-poured in a biodegradable paperboard container. Simply remove the label and discard it in your compost bin.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy silky smooth, moisturized lips! Make the sustainable swap today!

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