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Sustainable Makeup Removers!

Have you ever taken your makeup off with makeup remover wipes? You really think you are doing your face a favor, and you may even be extra gentle in the process to avoid stretching the skin and wrinkling!

However, you may be doing the opposite of a favor for Mother Earth. About twenty million single-use wipes are thrown away every day! Makeup wipes in particular use plastic in the packaging and in the fibers that bind each wipe together. Many conventional brands have even created single-wipe packages that are supposed to help with travel. This “convenience” is adding more plastic to the already heightened waste problem we are facing. How can we help, you may ask?

It is very simple: use liquid makeup removers and your own reusable microfiber cloth to be nice to your face, and get all of the makeup off! Luckily, Movement Matters has a potent Makeup Remover that will gently get rid of everything from mascara to foundation.

It’s fairly simple to master! All you have to do is add a small amount onto a reusable cloth, like our Hemp + Bamboo Facial Rounds, and buff the makeup off of your skin. We recommend using soft, upward motions. This will help maintain elasticity in your skin.

Because of the natural ingredients, this makeup remover is eye safe, so you won’t have to worry about the stinging that makeup wipes can cause. Witch hazel and castor oil are also included to purify your skin. Ingredients like aloe and coconut oil help soothe and moisturize your skin, so even though you are taking the makeup off, you are packing on the nutrients. Keep in mind that the overall objective of makeup remover wipes is to break down makeup, not to cleanse your skin! That being stated, supplemental face washing afterwards will provide more positive results.

Popular ingredients in makeup removing wipes include plasticizers and silicon-based ingredients that are synthetically made solely to enhance the texture of the product. Ingredients like isononyl isononanoate get involved just to make the product feel more sleek to the touch. With sustainable makeup removers like ours, the ingredients are all recognizable and naturally made, and that’s down to the sustainable packaging!

We may not see the direct effects that makeup remover wipes cause at first, but even after a while, your face will get tired of the ingredients synthetically made in a lab that are not ideal for it. The wipes add up, so going through one 30-pack of wipes a month easily results in over 350 wipes per person a year! Your skin and the environment will thank you for making the switch! Help our planet and give your skin the privilege of naturally-produced skin care.

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