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Sustainable Salve to Soothe Your Muscles

Sustainable self-care comes with its own set of obstacles. For instance, one of the biggest is carving out time for yourself when you are in need of care, whether that is through skin care routines, mental health, or even physical health. It can wear and tear on our bodies, and before you know it, your full time job is making your muscles ache and you can barely get out of bed. Help!

Have you ever had a pesky sore muscle that would not release? Have you accidentally thrown out your back reaching for something? What about the times you overworked yourself to the point of a headache? Do you want relief, but without all of the random ingredients and wasteful packaging?

Do not worry! Movement Matters has a sustainable muscle rub for you that will help you recover. Our Organic Muscle Salve alleviates inflamed muscles. How does it work? It is infused with cayenne pepper, which naturally has a spice to it. This ingredient alone will cause the treated area to relax due to capsaicin, a compound in cayenne pepper that is known to alleviate muscle pain and reduce inflammation. Nature is putting in work for us! Other main ingredients like arnica and chamomile act to soothe the muscle and get the area to relax. With these items, you are getting warm and cool: the best of both worlds. Additionally, the product comes in a reusable component with sustainable packaging, so it's a win-win situation for you and mother Earth!

Here is the best method of applying the salve:

Relax the general area where you are feeling pain. Then, massage it onto the desired area. Try to keep any weight off of the area, as the muscle may be overworked and cannot accept weight at a full capacity. Rest and make sure you are hydrating!

Say goodbye to achy muscles that hurt every time you move them! Soothe your hardworking muscles and get back to your best self again!

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