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Sustainable Fashion and Clothing Ideas

The convenience of fast fashion allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest trends at an affordable price. This industry took it to the runway, as representatives of the leading Fast Fashion brands (Forever 21, H&M, Fashion Nova, and Pretty Little Thing to name a few) found ways to recreate what they see at fashion shows.

Social media now has an influence on Fast Fashion as well. Regardless of where it pulls in its revenue, this industry is globally worth 35.8 billion dollars.

What does that mean with their waste, though? Are these Fast Fashion companies conscious of the possible by-product they are discarding into our environment? Unfortunately, many brands do not care. The quick process of synthetically creating garments contributes to nearly ten percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. On top of this, twenty percent of the clothing made is never bought, resulting in these products being thrown into landfills, or even burned. This is just the Fast Fashion industry, though.

Each American throws out about eighty pounds of clothing every year. That accounts for roughly thirteen million tons thrown into landfills or burned every year and rising!.* While America is one of the biggest culprits of clothing waste, it is still only one country! It is important that we raise awareness and provide solutions before more irreversible effects take a toll on our planet.

What can we do individually? For starters, use what you already own. Find ways to refurbish your clothing. Adding some jewels, combining two different garments, and even tie-dying your clothes are great ways to keep your style ever-evolving. If you are seriously tired of your wardrobe, consider trading clothes with friends. You can even donate your clothes to second hand stores, but please research where you are donating your clothing, as some shops have an overflow of clothing!

Speaking of refurbishing and thrifting, supporting thrift stores online is a great way to shop sustainably. Think about the gas and energy you are saving by shopping online!

Movement Matters is dedicated to sustainable fashion. We are all about recycling timeless clothing! We have beautiful dresses that were made in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond! The best part about vintage/thrifting businesses is the rich history revealed in every garment. For instance, our 1960s Tie-Dye High Waisted Shorts remind us of a time in history where people were beginning to dress more vibrantly, and it is reminiscent of the iconic pinup era! Some thrifting items are even timeless, like our previously mentioned Blue Overall Jeans, or our Red Mock Neck Short-Sleeved Sweatshirt. These items tend to be in style most of the time, so these are garments you could potentially own for years, and accessorize to fit your


As much as we are encouraged to shop the latest and greatest, it is a danger to our environment to keep producing these products, and the disposal of the items that do not sell contribute to much of the air pollution we deal with today. If you are going to lead a sustainable lifestyle, supporting vintage/thrifting brands, updating clothing you already have, and swapping clothes with friends will eliminate the ongoing by-product waste that Fast Fashion is contributing to, and it will help you save money in the long run!

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