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Sustainable Activities for the Family

A sustainable lifestyle can take some time to develop. Getting yourself into the habit of sustainability can be challenging, but what about getting a whole family on board? Over the course of these blogs, we've encouraged patience and forgiveness, as a lot of sustainable living characteristics are different from our “normal” ways of living that prove to be harmful. It may take some time adjusting, but here are some tips to guide you and your family on your sustainable lifestyle journeys.

First off, shop locally for what is in season. Oftentimes, we will head to grocery stores for our food. While this option is convenient, a lot of the packaging is not. At local Farmers Markets, you are able to eliminate extra packaging, as bulk produce is usually not individually packaged. This is your chance to get your reusable bags! You will also be eliminating CO2 emissions! In the United States, your food sometimes travels over one thousand miles to get to your market. Farmers Markets usually consist of local produce, meaning your food won’t travel that far.

Speaking of food, be sure to read up on our compost blog to learn about that process. For extra fun for the kids, add worms to help break down the bits of food you have in your compost bin! It could possibly give more incentive to compost because we have to feed the worms!

Additionally, sustainability at home even comes down to how you spend time together as a family. In newer generations, digital activities are popular to say the least.

Challenge your family to unplug from all electronics on your game night, and consider a board game or charades instead. Make a habit of straying away from technology when it comes to family time. You will be surprised as to how much energy you’ll be saving!

On the subject of energy, if you are traveling together, consider taking public transit over a car or a plane. Trains and buses are known to cause significantly less carbon dioxide emissions than airplanes. On average, a train will emit 14 g of carbon dioxide per passenger, per kilometer. Airplanes emit 285 g of carbon dioxide per passenger, per kilometer! As you can see in this comparison, taking your trip on land will cause less harm to our planet.

Lastly, talking about the importance of sustainability with your family will get you all on the same page about how to save our planet. Letting your loved ones know about what Earth endured, and how making these switches can help alleviate future damage, will certainly help them gather a better understanding, and can even persuade them to hop on board more easily. Be open with your plans to preserve the Earth, and tackle wasteful habits as a family. You can all come up with a plan to reduce your waste!

Coming together to lead a sustainable life as a family is a decision we fully support! Being conscious about what we are putting out into the world will allow our planet to thrive, and we can stand up to the irreversible damages caused, while gearing up to face more environmental issues! Good luck to you and your sustainable family!

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