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Why Switch to Sustainable Razors

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Maintaining silky smooth skin is part of many of our daily routines. Which is why it’s important to keep sustainability in mind while we take care of our beautiful selves.

In 2020 alone, over 158 million Americans used disposable razors or shavers, many of which end up in landfills and can take years to biodegrade. The first disposable razor was created in the 19th century, so imagine how many disposable razors are currently in landfill.

A more eco-friendly option is to switch to our Rose Gold Razor for zero-waste shaving.

This Rose Gold Razor will leave your skin silky and smooth. It comes with 5 free stainless steel blades in plastic-free and recyclable packaging. And it’s made of zinc alloy and stainless steel, which are 100% recyclable materials in the metal recycling bin.

Follow up your shaving routine with our Body Balm Bar and Organic Facial Moisturizer for even more silky smoothness throughout the rest of your day. These items are infused with cocoa butter and coconut oil, which both give your body optimum moisture! Our Body Balm also includes mango butter, which gives your body that extra kick of Vitamin C to clarify your skin.

We hope you enjoy making the switch to sustainable razors. It’s one less razor in the landfill, and one more gold sustainable star for you!


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