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Travel Fashion Blog: Hawaii Edition

Like many others, some of my favorite things are Travel and Vintage! I don’t live in a completely vintage wardrobe, but I mix modern and the oldies together. While packing for my trip, I was super excited! Hawaiian clothes have fun colors and prints. I tried to pack as much as possible for my two-and-a-half day trip!

Vintage Hawaiian Button Ups

I was able to wear two of these on my trip: one while I was hiking the Mānoa Falls Trail, and one as swim coverup on Waikiki beach! What I love most about button ups is the versatility! You can show as much or as little skin as you want. They can keep the sun off you, and they come in fun prints! The best part of it all is, as a full figured woman, I can easily find tops like these that fit me!

Vintage Hawaiian Dresses

There are WAY too many options when it comes to beautiful Hawaiian VTG dresses! I rocked a 1980’s loose-fit baby doll dress. It was comfortable and the fabric kept me cool. You’ll find a lot of barkcloth dresses which are a thicker material which I think is great for a Luau or fancy dinner!

Honestly, the styles, colors and prints are endless, so there’s definitely a dress out there for you!

Vintage Two Piece

One of my favorite looks at the moment is a matching top and bottom set! There are an ample amount of these styles from the 80s! I went with a pants-set, but shorts-sets are also very popular. The best part about wearing button-ups is that there are a million ways to style it! I decided to do a simple center knot, and since the pants were high waisted, I felt like it was both flattering and super comfy!

So, the funny thing about these photos is that I obviously didn't wear them while hiking! And look at my shoes! Haha! We hiked to this spot, and I changed my outfit and shoes. This was a challenge since other people were hiking! I almost got caught with my pants down a few times, but luckily my partner was looking out for me! I’m a shy person. I decided to just go for it because the opportunity may never arise again, and I would say it was worth it!

Vintage Bathing Suit

A staple piece(s) that you need in Hawaii is a bathing suit…or 10! I remember my first time in Hawaii, I bought 5 new bikinis, no joke! I was a victim of fast fashion! I’m in no way a minimalist when it comes to clothing. The difference is that now I’m constantly looking to add vintage or used pieces to my collection!

I LOVE how unique my bathing suit looked. I wore it out to the pool at my hotel, and I knew no one would have anything similar! I felt very confident wearing it with a loose white button-up over top, accessorized with a hat I made in Paris! Oh la la!

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