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Sustainability and Fitness...It All Works Out!

Over the past year, we have been finding new and creative ways to stay active at home. As we discover how to take care of ourselves, Movement Matters wants to offer some ways to take care of Mother Earth in that process. By incorporating sustainability into different aspects of our lives, we are cutting back on our waste and making the world a better place.

A great way to start your sustainably-conscious workout routine is to take your workouts outside. Even though many gyms are switching to clean energy, using the natural light outside is the way to go! While you are out there, try workouts that involve your own body weight. The less time you spend on machines, the more energy you will reduce. Take it a step further and turn your outdoor workout into a good cause. Find a local highway cleanup, or find another volunteer event that will keep you on your feet and moving. While you take this into consideration, let’s think about those times you aren’t in action.

Food and diet are just as important to your workout routine as being active itself. While you eat your healthy foods, consider organic foods with less packaging. You can become a regular at your Local Farmer’s Market! Additionally, instead of buying single-wrapped foods like granola bars, see if you can make these items yourself. Snacks like granola bars are amazing for you, and they are pretty easy to make. Check out our favorite recipe here.

Our last big tip for sustainable workouts involves what you wear. We consider eco-friendly fabrics like hemp, a material that breathes and is easy to clean. Other fabrics that are sustainably sourced include organic cotton, bamboo linen and recycled polyester. When you wear your clothes beyond repair, be sure to donate them to places like Nike that will turn your recycled clothing into new products. Clothing made from synthetic materials takes significantly longer to decompose, and could possibly end up on Earth longer than you!

As you meet your fitness goals, try to keep our planet in mind. The extra effort is greatly appreciated. Make your sustainable lifestyle goals align with your wellness journey, and see how well it all turns out!

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