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Our Top Picks for Your Sustainable Kitchen

These are our Top Picks for creating a sustainable kitchen at home!

Our Swedish dishcloths are the perfect eco-friendly replacement for single-use paper towels and conventional plastic sponges. They are incredibly absorbent and can be used to soak up spills. Rather than using it once and tossing it in your garbage, you can wash it in your washing machine, reducing your household’s contribution to landfills! Each cloth is designed with a pattern that gives your kitchen a lovely touch of Sweden.

When you’re all done with your evening dinner, you can wash your dishes with our non-toxic, 100% vegan Dish Soap Bar! This beautiful bar is free of artificial fragrances and chemical preservatives. And it comes in a copper bowl that you can refill, making this lovely item plastic-free! Pair it with our Loofah Dish Sponge - which replaces traditional foam and plastic sponges, and is vegan and 100% compostable.

Or if you need something for those tougher food stains, use our Sisal Kitchen Brush. The handle is 100% biodegradable beechwood, with a compostable brush head and bristles made from agave plants. Plus, the metal parts can be recycled. Yes! No plastic in this kitchen brush.

We hope you enjoy our Top Picks for your sustainable kitchen!

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