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Eco-Friendly Hair Care

Want to make your hair care more eco-friendly? We’ve got you covered!

Enjoy a luxurious bath or shower knowing that you’re taking care of your body, and the planet too!

Start with our Hair Shampoo Bar. Each bar is hand-poured with crushed lavender for a wonderfully light scent. It’s great for all types of hair - normal, oily, and curly - and it will leave hair feeling silky soft

Follow it up with our Hair Conditioner Bar. Lather the bar under warm water, and bathe your hair with the lush scent of cocoa butter and lavender. Then rinse it out, and watch the tangles melt away. As an added bonus, both bars come in environmentally-friendly, plastic-free packaging.

Then, give your body hair some much needed attention with our Rose Gold Razor. Gently stroke the razor along the area you would like to shave to remove the tips of your hair. This rose gold razor will leave your skin silky and smooth. It comes in plastic-free and recyclable packaging, and it’s made of zinc alloy and stainless steel which are 100% recyclable materials in the metal recycling bin.

As you dry off and wrap yourself in a cozy towel, take a moment in the mirror and give yourself a smile for nurturing yourself and making your hair care routine Earth-friendly.

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