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A Sustainable Spa Experience

Have you ever gotten a facial from your favorite spa, and actually looked at how much waste was going into the bin? Think about the amount of paper it takes to remove several cleansers and masks. For sanitary reasons, estheticians don’t reuse their face cloths. We have you covered with our own sustainable facial care though, with products that you know and trust, sourced right from Earth. All of these products are recyclable and a great start towards your sustainable goals!

Cleanse your skin with our Rose Clay Face Bar. This soap bar contains coconut oil, a skin enhancer that provides optimal moisture. It also contains rose kaolin clay, which detoxifies your pores. These ingredients are met with olive oil, which helps absorb more moisture. The mixture of these into a sustainable product means that your face will be left silky smooth and impurity-free! This product is gentle enough to use morning and night for you skin care fanatics. It is safe for sensitive skin too!

Next, you can go all out and pamper yourself with a steam treatment. You can settle your senses with our Botanical Facial Steam blend. It contains rosemary, lavender, orange peel, rose petals, and chamomile to name a few. This steam will give you a boost of vitamin C to purify your face, it will relax your mind with the lavender, and relax any irritation you may have with the rose petals. Using a facial steam right before you put on a face mask will open your pores to provide a more thorough cleaning.

After your steam treatment, it’s time to apply a face mask. Of course, we have you covered on a potent mask! Our Rose Clay Face Mask mixed with yarrow flower will have you glowing after your sustainable facial! Mix our powder solution with a little bit of water to make the magical paste, and you’re ready to kiss your skin impurities goodbye. Rose clay gently removes the dirt deep down in your pores, and the yarrow flower helps prevent future acne from appearing. Your skin will thank you later! Keep this on for a few minutes, light a candle, read a book, or meditate while you wait to keep the mood alive.

As soon as you rinse your face, you’ll notice how great of a job the mask does at removing oil from the skin; it’s time to moisturize! Treat your skin with our Organic Sea Buckthorn Facial Moisturizer! Sea buckthorn oil has great anti-inflammatory properties, and reduces redness that is caused by eczema and rosacea. Other ingredients, like aloe vera and lavender oil also aid in relaxing the skin and creating an overall more even tone. If your skin isn’t sensitive, do not worry! These products will work just as great.

After your plump skin is nourished, we can focus on the details. Use the Caffeinated Under Eye Balm to brighten and tighten up under your eyes. Coffee infused in skin care targets impurities and even tightens up the skin. Green tea extract offers moisture with more detoxifying qualities. The both together, mixed with other ingredients like sweet almond oil and vitamin E, will cater to your no-makeup days. You will be looking well-rested with an even complexion!

Finish off your at-home spa experience with our Body Balm Bar to moisturize everywhere else on your body (take your time and massage the moisturizer in!), and our Lip Conditioner. Both products will help you achieve better skin that will thank you.

Wearing a face mask during the pandemic has proven to be difficult on many people’s skin! Implementing a sustainable skin care routine will keep your face in tip-top condition. As you begin your journey to sustainable skin health, here are a few reminders:

-Turn the faucet off when you aren’t using it

-Recycle or reuse your empty skin care containers

-Using sustainable skin care versus not sustainable means that less work goes into big factories to produce items

-Don’t be too hard on yourself for using items that are not sustainable. This is a process!

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