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A Sustainable Getaway

While it may be easy to create a sustainable routine around the house, sometimes we need a getaway to reset. During a vacation it is possible to keep the best interest of Mother Earth in mind while still prioritizing your own. What extra steps do we need to take to vacation in a sustainable way? The good news is, it’s not as difficult as you think!

First off, when packing, do not forget your reusable items. Many of the transactions you make during trips are spent on items that are already in your home. Bring your utensils, water bottle, and the toiletries you need to stay clean. If you are forgetful like me, set reminders on your phone, or put the items in a place where you will remember. Additionally, packing light will make traveling easier. If you don’t have a giant suitcase with you, you may be more willing to see what other modes of transportation there are.

You can also improve your sustainable life skills by traveling less often and staying longer. Smaller, more frequent trips contribute to more CO2 emissions since you are traveling more. Turn your mini trips into a stay-cation, where you can get to know your surroundings. If you are able to get to your destination by train or bus, choose those options over air travel, as more ground public transportation is becoming eco friendly! **Insert link to supporting article

While you are there, immerse yourself in the local atmosphere. Local tours are one of our favorite ways to familiarize yourself with the new area. It will also give you insight on where you can shop. We definitely recommend scoping out all of the local restaurants and souvenir shops. By supporting those businesses, you are helping strengthen the economy, as opposed to helping other corporations.

As you eat amazing food and gather special gifts for your loved ones, consider what you

leave behind after you leave. The sustainable goal is to leave it as if you were never there: no littering, no tagging or drawing, and not interrupting wildlife. It’s called Responsible Tourism, and it’s a great challenge to face in your leisure time. At least we know it’s for a great cause!

In sum, taking a break from everyday stressors is a must, and so is taking care of our planet; it’s the only one we have! By taking these steps, you will also be able to preserve other cultures as well. Again, perfection is not key, but the effort is. Good luck on your next vacation!

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