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Regular Pad

Regular Pad

SKU: susbeausl2003

This washable regular period flow pad features 3 ply Smartsorb™ and is made of 100% organic cotton which is good for you and kind to the environment.


Wash pad before first use by attaching the velcro together and putting it in the wash exactly like you would your panties; it can also be put in the dryer and will not shrink.
To wear the pad simply lay the pad on the panty and close the velcro on the gusset.
For used pads on the go simply fold the used pad on itself and store it in the included pouch until you arrive at home, then place the pouch with the soiled pad right into your laundry.

100% organic cotton

9 in x 3 in (22.9 cm x 7.6 cm)

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