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Tips for the Eco-Friendly Dancer

From the rigor of rehearsal to the beauty of the costuming, and everything in-between, it’s safe to say that there is not much a dancer CAN’T do. The life of an artist is on-the-go, and calls for a lot of planning. Because of this, the choices we make do not always benefit the Earth.

Don’t sweat it…We can help you out! There are quite a few ways you can get your daily training in while still taking care of the environment. Whether it’s getting performance ready or preparing for class in the studio, here are some sustainable tips that will make you feel all kinds of good about your dance career!

In the Performance Setting:

Happy Show Day! While you’re getting ready for your show-stopping performance, let’s go through how you can make this day more sustainable:

Use natural light to get ready: lower that electric bill; use the sun! You are probably up early anyways. Try to get ready in naturally well-lit areas.

Makeup Products:

Luckily, Movement Matters has some amazing essentials, like our Organic Eye-Liner to make your eyes pop, our Bare Lip Balm to keep your lips hydrated, and an amazing makeup remover to take it off after! Use the products that will work wonders on your face AND the environment!

Hair Care:

Limit your use of hair spray. Aerosol cans are exceptionally harmful for the environment. Using a hair gel or mousse will get the nice, slicked back look. It will keep the hair out of your eyes too! While you’re at it, search for bamboo combs and brushes instead of using plastic ones.

Get glam without the guilt!

In the Studio:

Not every day is a performance day. For those days you are working hard in the studio, here are some sustainable tips for you:

Reusable Water Bottle: As you may know now, single-use plastics are not good for the environment. Choose a reusable water bottle that is durable. Also, choose one that you are inclined to use—whether it’s a specific style, spout, or material—so you are more likely to remember it.

Vegan Dance Shoes: Many types of dance shoes are made from animals, including some of the adhesives used to bind the shoe together. By switching to vegan shoes, you will be wearing naturally sourced materials. Because of this, you can toss them in your compost when you get a new pair. Waste, where? Not here!

Carpool to rehearsal/class:

The more obvious one! Check out our blog about reducing the amount you drive. Carpooling to your dance-related events is a great way to make an eco-friendly change. In more populated cities, you may even get luckier with parking, as dance events are known to be pretty popular!

There are tons of more options, but these should get you started! If we are as mindful about the Earth as we are our training, imagine the impact that artists could have in the world. Bring sustainability awareness to your dance studio, and let’s put in work to help our environment heal!

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