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A Sustainable Day in the Sun (Sunscreen Facts)

If you plan on getting some sun, it is super important that you wear-and reapply--sunscreen! The real questions are: what sunscreen is best for me, and how can I take care of my skin while taking care of our planet?

Well, for starters, any protection against UV rays is good protection for your skin. Most sunscreens use zinc oxide, and this is a metal compound that essentially reflects harmful rays. There are a lot of different ways to use this ingredient, though.

In non-organic recipes, it is common to add chemicals to help your skin absorb the zinc oxide. This absorption is said to protect your skin for a longer amount of time. While this method is most people’s tried-and-true, it has known links to skin damage. Chemicals like oxybenzone have not only irritated sensitive skin types, but have also left remnants on the skin weeks after using the sunscreen. Additionally, there are particles of plastic that are so small that they are absorbed by animal tissue. This is a direct threat to our ecosystems, as consuming/absorbing plastic can later cause problems in other areas like the urinary tract and with the blood of living beings. It sounds a little scary, yes, but since these discoveries in 2019, there have been major advancements in sunscreen ingredients.

Many natural and organic sunscreens that do no harm to your skin have emerged. Movement Matters has a Natural Organic Sunscreen containing non-nano zinc oxide, a mineral-based compound that blocks UV rays without absorbing any harsh chemicals or plastics. The only other ingredients are there to help your skin, like mango and shea butter, coconut oil, and even grapeseed oil!

Say goodbye to unknown chemicals on your skin, and protect it from UV rays and from drying out. You will see improvements in skin hydration (from ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, etc.) and overall pigment (mango butter, vitamin E, etc.) if you continually use this sunscreen. This product benefits in more ways than just for your skin, though!

Think about packaging. Recently, brands have been making more of an effort to produce sustainable packaging. Movement Matters is no exception, as we firmly believe that sustainability is the way to go! This decision is heavily influenced by the fact that plastic waste is a prominent issue around the world. In the USA specifically, it was recorded in 2016 that each American contributed roughly three hundred pounds of plastic waste to the planet. The goal of sustainability is to eliminate as much waste as we can. Our glass packaging is great for repurposing and/or recycling. Just imagine all of the plastic containers you will be saving!

Organic Sunscreen is emerging to be one of the most promising protective skin products. No one is at a loss with the benefits of the formula and the sustainability of the packaging, but everyone has a lot to gain, whether it be moisture, a better fight against UV Rays, or the protection of the planet. Sustainable sunscreen is a win-win situation for us all!

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